Competitive Playing

Alternative and Competitive Way to Play

To play COMPETITIVELY and keep a score, you need two or more players or two or more teams. You can play as individuals or teams . Each player or team starts with a separate set of W3 dice, solving their puzzle after each toss of the dice. Note: (W3 dice are produced in two colors (burgundy and blue) to lessen the chance of dice sets being mixed up after playing each round). After each completed round, each player or team records their solution on a piece of paper in the form of a connected grid, just as it was played . Now exchange the set of dice you have just played with your opponent(s) ” Without Disrupting” the letters facing upwards on the dice. Now your opponent will play exactly the same letter combination you have just played and visa versa. This way every player’s challenge is identical.

Note: Make arrangements, so you cannot see your opponents constructing their words.

After a predetermined number of rounds (eg. 1 to 10), the player or team that completes the W3 puzzle in the fewest number of words, wins that round and gets one point. The winner of the game, would be the player or team with the greatest number of points . Adding a time limit to each game can be an option (depending on the skill level of players you can choose a mutually agreed upon time frame.)

Note: Playing “competitively” W3 rules, DO NOT ALLOW referral to a dictionary to check the spelling of words while engaged in the solving of a puzzle .