Objective of W3

Getting Started

First, roll the 32 lettered cubes or dice from your hands or a container onto a chosen playing surface. Wonderful Word Weaving dice can be quite lively, so a cloth over your playing surface will reduce the bounce of the lettered dice.  The objective and challenge in the game of Wonderful Word Weaving is to manipulate the 32  letters facing upwards on the dice which have just been rolled and compose words from the English language and connect  them  in a grid or crossword to use up ALL 32 LETTERS FACING UPWARDS. Keep in mind you can make it more challenging by constructing as few words as possible.


The Challenge

In this game each spill of the dice creates a new puzzle to be solved.  The puzzle or game is completed when every upward facing letter is used and all constructed words are connected in a crossword grid.  Each throw of the dice will present a different  challenge and degree of complexity.  There are literally more than one million/trillion letter combinations that  can appear with each spill of the dice.  Every  toss of the dice starts a new game and presents a new lottery of vowels and consonants. This means you cannot play the same combination of letters more than one time.  This also makes the uniqueness of Wonderful Word Weaving constantly exciting, intriguing challenging, addictive and  fun.


No Limits

Wonderful Word Weaving can be played alone or with two or more persons joining in the great camaraderie,  diligently working at constructing  words  from the letters revealed at each throw of the dice.   There is NO TIME LIMIT imposed in constructing your connected grid of words, unless it is agreed upon in one of  the alternative  ways of playing  this game.