About the game


Wonderful Word Weaving (aka W3) is a thoughtful, fun, challenging & educational word game. W3 can be played co-operatively or competitively by two or more people. It is especially great game to play individually. W3 is very portable, does not require a game board and can be played anytime, anywhere by persons aged 9-99.

In this game each spill of the lettered dice creates a puzzle to be solved. This is done by taking each letter facing upwards, constructing as few words as possible and connecting all the words into a cross word grid or pattern. The puzzle is completed when every upward facing letter on each dice is used and all constructed words are connected in a grid.

There are literally more than one million trillion letter combinations that can appear with each spill of the dice. Every toss of the dice starts a new game and presents a new ‘lottery’ of vowels and consonants.

Every game offers a different degree of complexity and challenge. You will never play the same combination of letters more than once. This makes the uniqueness of W3 constantly exciting, challenging, addictive and fun.

W3 (Wonderful Word Weaving), has quickly proven to be a Scrabble player’s delight. This is because the dynamics in the rules of W3 allow the usage of every word in the standard english dictionary. This means that over 470,000 words found in wither the Oxford English dictionary, or the Merriam Webster International dictionary can be used while playing W3.

After two years on the market, watching avid W3 players in action, there appears to be be no end to the skill levels which can be attained by editing and rearranging letters and words in an attempt to solve each puzzle or game in as few words as possible.

For more detailed information about W3 rules, objectives and strategies, consult the game booklet.



Because this game takes so little space in a small bag and requires no game board, it is always easy to take along and play where one has idle  time  (like at the beach, out camping, waiting for a meal in a cafe or coffee shop, visiting friends and relatives, waiting  for an airplane, riding a ferry  boat or wherever.)

Everywhere I  have taken this game while travelling and played Wonderful Word Weaving, it  has instantly attracted attention and people would  just enthusiastically  join  in and start  playing  with me.  People who have a background in playing Scrabble especially seem to  like the dynamics  of  this  word game . W3 has become a scrabble player’s delight, as it gives you access to every word (470,000)  in a standard English dictionary.   This creates a chance to construct  more longer words (8 to 20 letters per word)  in the quest  to complete each puzzle in as few words as possible.




Heritage Workshop (Circa 1896) - Home of Wonderful Word Weaving

Heritage Workshop (Circa 1896) – Home of Wonderful Word Weaving

The rules and prototype  of the Wonderful Word Weaving game were created  by  myself  (Frank Ens ) and friends,  on Salt Spring  Island,  British Columbia,  Canada.   We have spent two years  playing  this game  with  artists, doctors, professors,  lawyers,  CEO’S,  elderly persons, students  and people  from all other  walks of  life.

After travelling across Western Canada and as far away as India with this game, I noticed how immensely popular , addictive and contagious playing Wonderful Word Weaving  was  wherever  it was being played.   This led to the decision to produce this game and offer it to the general public.   Myself and friends gather often to play Wonderful Word Weaving and enjoy the great camaraderie created while playing together.

It is our hope that the playful and challenging spirit of this  highly educational  word game will give many people countless hours of pleasurable pastime .