Scrabble Alternative

“It’s way better than Scrabble”

The perfect Scrabble alternative.

Wonderful Word Weaving – The perfect Scrabble alternative.

W3 (Wonderful Word Weaving), has quickly proven to be a Scrabble player’s delight, and the perfect Scrabble alternative. This is because the dynamics in the rules of W3 allow the usage of every word in the standard english dictionary. This means that over 470,000 words found in wither the Oxford English dictionary, or the Merriam Webster International dictionary can be used while playing W3.

W3 is very portable, does not require a game board and can be played anytime, anywhere by persons aged 9-99.

After two years on the market, watching avid W3 players in action, there appears to be be no end to the skill levels which can be attained by editing and rearranging letters and words in an attempt to solve each puzzle or game in as few words as possible.

Wonderful Word weaving is a great Scrabble alternative.

“It’s way better than Scrabble!” -Professor Alan Martin (W3 Player)